Bohinj lake Savica waterfall
The lake Bohinj. Clear water. Some say that it was warm enough, some disagree... Well, in my opinion, it was quite OK. Savica waterfall The Savica waterfall was very impresive.
Planica The water goes a long way down. Picture!
Planica - the place of the world's longest ski jumps. The source of Sava Dolinka This reminds me that I'd like to see your pictures on the net as well.
The source of Sava Dolinka The source of Sava Dolnika. Nice and clear, but freezing. There are three guys who will remember this place... The blobs on the bottom are the places, where the water goes up. Trenta valey
Hmmm.... what is that mountain? The source of Soca river Trenta valley - very beatiful. Benjamin would say that: it is the most f*%^ beautiful valey in the world.
The source of Soca river The source of the Soca river. I remember climbing there in sandals... Soca river
The river seems so small here... Resting is only a spring. But a few kilometers down in the valley we were rafting on it.
Trenta valey Two of our slovenian guides and friends; Benjamin and Spela. Enjoying a rare moment of resting.
Yet another view of the Trenta valley on the way back from the Soca spring.