On the way to Triglav On the way to Triglav
On the way to the Triglav - border of the Triglav National Park Early morning One more picture
I'm under the top Early morning in the mountains The Triglav
Well, that's me and the Triglav is waiting behind... Looking back The Triglav itself.
Baptising Looking back, we've gone all that way... Baptising
"Baptising", I thing you remember it :-) All on the top ...we've gone through it, now we're half Slovenians.
I'm on the top Everybody is happy - we've made it! Triglav in the morning
I'm on the top of Triglav, here's the proof. People going up Triglav in the early morning
Triglavski dom 6 am - people are already climbing to the top. On the way back
A church and the small house we stayed in. On the way back The mountain views were very beautifull all the way back.
On the way back Another view of the mountains. Vodnikov dom
And yet another one. Resting Vodnikov dom - here we've picked Sharif.
Daniela's revenge Resting at the border of the TNP. We deserved it :-) Igor
Daniela wants a revenge for the baptising. Well, you know, sicilian girl... Igor has its own recipe for relaxing. Interesting, but do not try this at home.